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The End-of-line packaging machine manufacturer in Eagan, Minnesota

Since 2014 when SOMIC Packaging began our mission of bringing the world’s best multi-functional end of line case packing equipment to North America, we have built a strong, dedicated team to our home in Eagan, MN. Finding these dedicated people is similar to searching for the best end-of-line packaging equipment, not an easy task. This is why we are here, to help you, our customer, sift through the noise to find the most flexible case packer on the market. We hope our website provides you with the necessary information to navigate the case packing jungle and find the best solution for your specific requirements. Thanks for visiting, we hope to have the opportunity to solve your automation challenges.

At SOMIC Packaging we provide the most compact and versatile case packer available in the world today. We don’t just focus on the machine itself; we provide a wealth of experience on selecting the best finished package format for your specific requirements. Whether you’re looking for a standard wraparound case or an eye-catching shelf ready display or a standard wraparound shipping case, SOMIC has your back!

Our facility in Eagan, Minneapolis provides fast and professional support. Regardless of whether your manufacturing sites are in Canada, USA or Mexico, highly qualified Somic Service engineers are on hand to assist you. Either personally on site or available via remote support – you can count on expert support to address all your needs, ranging from machine installation, inspections and maintenance, through spare part orders to machine modifications of all kinds.

Somic machines are designed for a long service life. With only minimal maintenance and service effort, you ensure the smooth functionality of your SOMIC packaging equipment. For this purpose, our service team in Eagan will supply you quickly and reliably with the required original SOMIC spare parts. Our packaging machines are designed for a long service life. That is why SOMIC offers you a spare parts service that goes far beyond the 10 years guaranteed by law. Our service team will also find a solution for your "older SOMIC" at any time.

For all our passion for high-tech, the focus is always on people. We are still a family business at heart. Uncomplicated, committed and with a sense of real solidarity. That's what makes SOMIC what it is, and that's why many of our employees enjoy working for us so much. Simply contact us and start your career at

The direct contact to our customers and prospects is very important to us. That's why we always try to keep you up to date live, as well as online. Subscribe to our LinkedIn channel, SOMIC Packaging, to not miss any videos, updates or dates. We also look forward to meeting you in person at exhibitions such as Pack Expo in Chicago. To get more detailed information on SOMIC, read our SOMIC Packaging Blog

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Brian Neill
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