SOMIC becomes part of the Federal Economic Senate

SOMIC Packaging is delighted to announce that Dr. Gerhard Huber, CEO of the company, has been appointed to the Federal Economic Senate. The appointment took place on 02 August 2023, during a ceremonial presentation of the certificate by the Director of the Federal Economic Senate, Mr. Hans-Josef Döllgen. The Austrian Dr. Gerhard Huber, from Handenberg in the Innviertel, has been with the company since 2013.

The Federal Economic Senate is the excellence body of the Bundesverband mittelständischer Wirtschaft e.V. (BVMW), the association of medium-sized businesses in Germany. In addition to numerous hidden champions and global market leaders of the German SME sector, the Senate also includes outstanding personalities from science, politics, culture and the media - thought leaders at national, European and international level. The Senate members represent the Mittelstand, the backbone of our economy. They are impressive entrepreneurs and decision-makers who, in addition to professional competence and commitment, bring with them an outstanding lifetime achievement.

In recognition of his exemplary services to SMEs and in appreciation of his entrepreneurial achievements, Dr Gerhard Huber was appointed to the Federal Economic Senate.

"It is both a great honour and an obligation to be able to participate as an official member of the Federal Economic Senate," explained Dr Gerhard Huber when he received the certificate. "This appointment is not only an appreciation of my work and the performance of the entire team, but also a valuable opportunity for SOMIC Packaging to actively participate in the economic decision-making processes and contribute our visions for the future."

Dr Gerhard Huber's appointment to the Federal Economic Senate gives SOMIC Packaging the opportunity to be represented on this prestigious body. For the company, the inclusion offers an excellent opportunity to make its knowledge and experience available to important decision-makers and to actively participate in forward-looking developments. The responsibility to go beyond one's own interests to become involved in politics, business and society is at the heart of what the company does.

About SOMIC Packaging: SOMIC Packaging, headquartered in Amerang (Bavaria), is a global leader in the field of end-of-line packaging technology and has earned an excellent reputation for innovative products and customised, customer-oriented solutions. Membership of the Federal Economic Senate represents another milestone in the company's history and strengthens SOMIC's position as a key player in the German economy.