Outstanding performance and exceptional flexibility

Wraparound Packer SOMIC 424 W3

for single-component packaging

SOMIC wraparound packer for collating, grouping and packaging products in

• Wraparound cases
• Folding cases
• Display cases
• Trays
• Open cases

Developed for a wide range of products and case models, the Wraparound Packer SOMIC 424 W3 is equipped with individually produced format tools, allowing us to provide nearly unlimited flexibility when it comes to developing solutions for your packaging requirements.

Machine process

  1. Pre-packed products are fed separately and grouped into case contents.
  2. The grouping is positioned on the flat case blank.
  3. The case blank is folded around the entire grouping.
  4. The cover is closed and secured with hot glue.

Customised to your needs • Individual and flexible

We work for quality suppliers in the food, pet food, pharmaceutical and non-food sectors.

Wraparound Packer SOMIC 424 W3 for single-component packaging


SOMIC provides the perfect packaging solutions for products from a variety of industries. We are active worldwide and will find the perfect solution for you when it comes to packaging your products securely, reliably and stably. In practice, product packaging has to perform multiple tasks. It protects its contents, it has, especially in the case of food, to meet certain quality requirements, it must be durable, and it also has to be economical to transport. It is also the “label” that first catches the customer’s eye. Wrap-around packers are the perfect solution for this.


packaging machines are created individually from the SOMIC modular system. The SOMIC 424 W3 wrap-around packer is also based on these functional units. The function is extremely simple. The SOMIC principle is to incorporate computer-based and automated technology into the packaging process. Today no one needs to package their products by hand any longer. This applies even in the case of specific products or extremely high output packaging processes. The SOMIC modular system enables complete flexibility within the model and format range.

The packaging is fully automated. This is possible because every SOMIC packaging machine is individually customised to the size and shape of the cardboard packaging. The latest computer technology and digitization have also left their mark on the packaging technology. See for yourself. Where necessary, we will explain all the processes to you and together we will find the perfect solution for you and your products. Our employees are only too happy to help.


For presentation within the supermarket, it is particularly important for goods to be displayed in an appealing and attractive manner. Wrap-around packaging from SOMIC offers the perfect solution for this. Ultra-modern, specialist packaging machines enable fast packaging within wrap-around cartons and offer a wide variety of opening methods for staff at the point of sale. This means that goods can be positioned on the shelves quickly with a striking appearance.


The wrap-around packer from SOMIC is suitable for universal use. It has virtually no limits. Using requirements specifications, the customer’s individual packaging preferences are precisely defined and the best packaging solution is devised together. A wide variety of product types and shapes, for example bags, folding cartons and wrap packaging, but also cans and cups and thermoformed packs and jars, can be packaged in various wrap-around cartons. Regardless of whether the contents are solid, liquid or powder form – each product is carefully and securely cartoned. They can be collated, grouped and packaged standing or lying down, in one or more rows, and in one or more layers.


SOMIC wrap-around packers package a wide variety of products. The mapped out requirements specifications are used to develop the right packaging solutions specially tailored to the products or product ranges in question. Thus, together we find the best solution for the safe transportation of the products and an attractive presentation at the point of sale. The right wrap-around packer will be designed from the SOMIC modular system and various format tools will be added individually ensuring that, ultimately, all of the customer’s requirements are met. The modular construction enables a rapid planning phase and timely implementation. We are happy to advise you. 

When we know the type, shape and dimensions of the product precisely, we can devise an individual solution for the packaging. SOMIC packaging machines have been ergonomically designed and are entirely operated by servo technology. The products run through the entire machine on one level. When erecting the cases, the folding processes are only performed around the tool. This means the entire handling process is extremely gentle on the products. The open design makes the machine easily accessible and the operator can even enter the wrap-around packer if necessary. A great deal of importance is attached to user friendliness at SOMIC as well. Thus operation via touchscreen is intuitive and extremely simple. In the case of a product change, only a few steps are needed. The SOMIC Quick Change principle allows for a simple and safe format change. Production can be resumed without any further adjustments after a very short period of time.


The extensive know-how of SOMIC’s employees enables the company to serve any customer to their full satisfaction. We attach great importance to both major international groups and smaller companies from the food industry and the pet food, healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. However many products you wish to package, and regardless of whether those products are solid, liquid or in powder form: You can always contact us if you are seeking a solution for your packaging processes. 

SOMIC not only provides you with the right packaging technology in the form of wrap-around packers or other packaging machines, it also offers a comprehensive service. We train your operating and maintenance staff, thereby ensuring the smooth operation of your packaging machine. But we don’t just leave you to it after purchase either. With regular inspections and maintenance, we ensure optimum production reliability throughout the life cycle of your wrap-around packer, thereby avoiding downtime and unnecessary costs.

We can be contacted by email, phone or via the contact form on our website. Get in touch – we look forward to hearing from you!