SOMIC ReadyPack · The small, versatile starter system

Fast and cost-efficient for standard packaging tasks

When converting your production line from manual to automated packaging, we recommend the SOMIC ReadyPack as a starter system. Our little jack-of-all-trades masters standard packaging tasks and can be used for single-component packaging, as a tray packer and as a wrap-around packer.

The benefits of the SOMIC ReadyPack

  • Cost-effective and quicker ROI
  • Fast delivery and on-site installation
  • Minimised error rate and lower personnel costs (compared to manual packaging)
  • High efficiency paired with a low space requirement


The SOMIC ReadyPack for collating, grouping and packaging products in

  • Open cases
  • Trays
  • Wraparound cases
  • Folding cases
  • Display cases

Machine process

  1. Pre-packed products are fed separately and grouped into case contents.
  2. The grouping is positioned on the flat case blank.
  3. The case blank is folded around the entire grouping and secured with hot glue.
  4. With the wraparound packer model, the top flap is folded and closed.

Compact, versatile and available in no time · Proven SOMIC quality

The SOMIC ReadyPack, our space-saving all-rounder, is also ideal for short-term or temporary production. As a tray packer model, the SOMIC ReadyPack can be later expanded as required to create a wrap-around packer and thus reliably manages all standard packaging tasks in proven SOMIC quality.

Innovative packaging solutions · Reduced to the maximum

SOMIC always focuses on you, the customer, and your individual tasks and requirements. In some applications, an optimum end-of-line packaging process and fast return on investment are more important than maximum packaging performance. The SOMIC ReadyPack has been developed specifically for applications like these. It can be custom-designed and is available very quickly indeed at a price you can afford.

The SOMIC ReadyPack might highly profitable solve your packaging task?