Tray/Cover/Wraparound Packer SOMIC 434 TDW

One-piece or multi-piece, open or closed carton packaging for transport and retail presentation - cover outside

The Tray/Cover/Wraparound Packer SOMIC 434 TDW can produce any type of carton packaging. Whether single or multi-piece packaging models, all customer requirements can be implemented on this machine. This machine is particularly suitable when different carton concepts are to be realized on one packaging line. Depending on the format, an open-top tray carton, a closed wraparound carton or a multi-part carton can be produced. The goods are thus optimally protected for transport and can be attractively presented in retail.

Tray/Cover/Wraparound Packers for collecting, grouping and packing products in

  • Open cartons
  • Closed cartons
  • Multi-part cartons (cover on the outside)

What does a SOMIC Tray/Cover/Wraparound Packer offer?

  • Processing of various carton types (solid and corrugated) and thicknesses (B-, C-, E-flute)
  • Open, closed or multi-part carton design possible
  • Processing of products in upright or horizontal orientation
  • Format groupings both single-row and multi-row possible
  • Perfect protection of the products
  • Flexible design options in terms of grouping and carton design
  • Attractive presentation on the sales shelf due to shelf-ready packaging
  • Machine solution for variable packaging tasks
  • Resource-saving packaging through optimization of the carton blank
  • Visual enhancement possible through design with carded edge