Wraparound Packer SOMIC 434 W

One-piece, closed carton packaging for transport and retail presentation

The SOMIC 434 W wraparound packer is used for one-piece, closed packaging cartons. This achieves optimum product protection in conjunction with a particularly economical manufacturing process.

SOMIC Wraparound Packer for collating, grouping and packing products in

  • Wraparound cartons
  • Folding boxes
  • Display cartons
  • Trays
  • Open cartons

What does a SOMIC Wraparound Packer offer?

  • Processing of a wide variety of carton types (solid and corrugated board) and thicknesses (B-, C-, E-flute)
  • Flexible design possibilities regarding the carton contents
  • Infinite design possibilities of the carton
  • Processing of products in standing or lying orientation
  • Format groupings both single-row and multi-row possible
  • Immediate presentation of the goods on the sales shelf through attractively placed tear perforation (shelf ready)
  • Particularly suitable for entry into automated packaging
  • Resource-saving packaging through optimization of carton cutting