Wraparound Packer SOMIC 434 W

One-piece, closed carton packaging for transport and retail presentation

You want to pack your products in a one-piece, closed wraparound carton? SOMIC packaging machines offer you almost unlimited solutions for this. The SOMIC 434 W Wraparound Packer offers you maximum flexibility with maximum output on the smallest footprint. Any number of formats can be realized on the SOMIC 434 W according to customer requirements.

Experience our latest generation of end-of-line packaging machines - the SOMIC 434

Wraparound cartons are one-piece, closed cartons that are folded around the products during the packaging process. Compared to conventional cartons, wraparound cartons offer many advantages. They are significantly more stable, offer potential cost savings by reducing the thickness of the carton while maintaining the same stability, do not cause any additional waste due to the adhesive tape and ensure a shelf-ready appearance at the POS.

The SOMIC 434 W Wraparound Packer is the ideal solution for packaging products in the food, non-food, pharmaceutical and pet food sectors. The machine performs all functions of the final packaging process: collecting, grouping, erecting, filling and closing. Another advantage of our machines is their flexibility. Our wraparound packer can be converted to various predefined formats. Format changes are particularly easy thanks to maximum automation and the SOMIC QuickChange system.

Let us advise you

The following types of cardboard are suitable for the SOMIC 434 W Wraparound Packer:

  • Wraparound cartons
  • Folding boxes
  • Display cartons
  • Trays
  • Open cartons

What does a SOMIC Wraparound Packer offer?

  • Processing of a wide variety of carton types (solid and corrugated board) and thicknesses (B-, C-, E-flute)
  • Flexible design possibilities regarding the carton contents
  • Infinite design possibilities of the carton
  • Processing of products in standing or lying orientation
  • Format groupings both single-row and multi-row possible
  • Immediate presentation of the goods on the sales shelf through attractively placed tear perforation (shelf ready)
  • Particularly suitable for entry into automated packaging
  • Resource-saving packaging through optimization of carton cutting

Machine process

  1. Pre-packaged products are fed individually, collected and grouped to the desired carton content.
  2. The grouping is pushed onto the flat-lying carton blank. In the process, the products are positioned safely and gently by the folding head.
  3. The carton blank is folded around the folding head.
  4. The cover is closed and glued with hot glue.