Machine generation SOMIC 424

Cardboard secondary packaging concepts from the specialists

Pre-packaged products, for example food, snacks, pet food or even cosmetics need a final packaging that is suitable for transport and retail presentation at the same time. SOMIC offer solutions for end-of-line packaging made of cardboard.

The SOMIC machine generation 424 is available in following versions:

End-of-line packaging machine for Single-component packaging

Tray Packer SOMIC 424 T2

SOMIC tray packer for open cases and trays 

Wraparound Packer SOMIC 424 W3

SOMIC wraparound packer for wraparound cases, folding cases, display cases, trays and open cases

Customised performance machines for multi-component packaging

Tray/Cover Packer SOMIC 424 TD

SOMIC Tray/Cover Packer for open cases and tray/cover packaging (cover outside)

Cover/Tray Packer SOMIC 424 DT

SOMIC Cover/Tray-Packer for open cases and cover/tray packaging (cover inside)

Modular packaging machines

Case erector SOMIC KA
Box coverer SOMIC DA
Closing machine SOMIC VM

Our latest machine solution for your cardboard packaging

SOMIC 434 case packer
The new machine generation SOMIC 434 opens up new dimensions in flexibility, efficiency and ergonomics. Our development team has once again improved the proven SOMIC technology and taken it to the next level. As a further world first, we offer you our revolutionary SOMIC CORAS gathering and grouping system!

Customised packaging solutions for pre-packed products

Pre-packed products such as food, snacks, pet food or plants need end-of-line packaging that is suitable for both transportation and in-store presentation.

SOMIC packaging machines provide end-of-line cardboard packaging solutions for:

Flat sachets, stand-up pouches

Folded boxes

Wrapped packages

Cans, cups, trays

Jars, bottles, tubes


Our international sales team provides you with personalised advice for your market requirements and will show you your new case packer – whether a compact system like our SOMIC ReadyPack or a modular packaging machine with options for expansion – in a virtual workshop before your customised case packer is built for you in Amerang according to the highest standards of quality. Made in Germany.

SOMIC end-of-line packaging machines for your products

SOMIC cardboard packaging machines are used worldwide in many industries, such as pre-packaged food, pet food, pharmaceutical and healthcare products, as well as non-food items of all kinds. Together we will find the perfect solution for your packaging requirements.