Packaging Technology & Packaging Systems

Packaging Concepts

Defining Packaging Needs

We understand that you are looking for the best solution for your packaging and presentation of your products. To help you optimize your packaging solutions, SOMIC collaborates with you to meet your goals through specific package designs and product collation requirements. In order to meet your needs, we strive to intimately understand your packaging environment and production conditions.

Providing the best solutions

We will collaborate with your packaging designers to develop your unique packaging concept. In order to present your product in an attractive and unique package at the Point of Sale, SOMIC incorporates your quality and performance requirements with our careful product handling philosophy. Our packaging systems provide the optimal solution for any demand.

For the following prepacked product forms we offer you the optimal solution

Prepacked product

  • Sachets, stand-up pouches

  • Wrapped packages

  • Jars, bottles, tubes

  • Folded cartons

  • Cans, cups, trays

  • Blister packs, thermoformed packs

There are almost no limits arranging your products


  • standing upright or lying flat

  • single or multi-layer
  • single or multi-row

The SOMIC modular system allows our machines to be expanded at any time and adapted to meet new requirements.