Tray/Cover Packer SOMIC 434 TD

Multi-part, closed carton packaging for transport and retail presentation - cover outside

The Tray/Cover Packer SOMIC 434 TD was developed for two-piece packaging models and leaves a lot of room for the customer. Here, the products are first packed in a tray and then covered - this is also referred to as an outside cover. This SOMIC packaging machine is also individually adapted to the customer's special requirements. A wide variety of product shapes and carton requests can be realized with it. In the first step, the tray carton is erected around the products. Then, in a second step, the cover blank is folded around the grouping and the carton is thus closed.

The SOMIC Tray/Cover Packer for collecting, grouping and packing products in

  • Open cartons
  • Tray/cover packaging (cover outside)

What does a SOMIC Tray/Cover Packer offer?

  • Processing of various carton types (solid and corrugated board) and thicknesses (B-, C-, E-flute)
  • Design as plug-in cover or with glueing possible
  • Processing of products in upright or horizontal orientation
  • Format groupings both single-row and multi-row possible
  • Perfect protection of the products due to enclosing carton shape
  • Flexible design options in terms of grouping and carton design
  • Presentation on the sales shelf by removing the outsidecover. Thus no damage to the shelf-ready tray
  • Machine solution for more complex packaging tasks
  • Resource-saving packaging through optimization of the carton blank
  • Cover can be product-high or designed as a shoebox cover
  • Cover can optionally be glued to the tray or inserted into the side of the tray
  • Visual enhancement possible through design with carded edge