Storage Systems

Efficient buffering for a seamless final packaging process

Compact Storage Systems KSP 100

to buffer many different product types 

A revolving cartridge system provides a buffer section of up to 100 metres in 10 products gondolas each with a maximum of 7 layers, in the smallest of spaces.

The benefits for you:

  • Extremely compact design / low noise machine operation
  • Huge buffer capacity
  • Compensation for process-related interruptions
  • Flexible for numerous product versions
  • Product gondola replacement without tools
  • Stand-alone operation, thanks to integrated controls

Versatile – compact design

  • Pick up products (e.g. when downstream equipment stopped)
  • Set down products (e.g. when upstream equipment stopped)
  • Increase dwell time (e.g. cooling, drying)
  • Add products (e.g. mixed range, promotional merchandise)


  • Capacity max. 30 strokes/min. x 1450 mm Product pile
  • Machine dimensions max. l = 2530 mm; max. w = 1500 mm; max. h = 2300 mm
  • Buffering distance up to 100 m

Buffer system with mixed function


  • The products are transferred at the interface in 2 lines. One type is assigned to each product track. The products are transported to a slewing belt conveyor via a transfer belt.
  • The slewing belt conveyor assigns the products to a feed conveyor. This assumes a buffer function. Two more feed conveyors located underneath allow the buffer section to be filled and/or emptied at the same time.
  • After the buffer section, the products are supplied to the line amalgamation on another slewing belt conveyor. The buffer belt awaiting emptying is always selected.

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